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National 5 Maths

David Alcorn National 5 Maths Hodder and Gibson 2013

A helpful guide by Bright Red Publishing with useful practical examples under Something to Think About and also Online Tests.
Study Guide

Another useful guide is by Robert Barclay National 5 Maths - How to Pass Hodder and Gibson Paisley 2013

Free National 5 revision materials

National 4 Maths

BBC Bitesize National 4 maths

National 4 Maths in Action.
Oxford University

National 4 Maths.
Teejay Publishing

Study Guide for National 4 Maths.
Bright Red

SQASolar Open Acess Applications of Mathematics Diagnostic Assessments
SQA Formative assessments


This package is quite useful for S1-S4 enhancement/enrichment activities as you can dip in and out of it for short bursts on the computer.

Popular Fun Maths Games

A selection of fun enrichment activities much enjoyed by all students.
Cool Maths Games

Vi Hart Inspirational Videos

A selection of fun videos about serious maths, such as infinite series - a favourite video of one of my students!
Doodling in Maths - Infinity Elephants

Youcubed- Refraction Game

Good for Numeracy skills from P1 to S4 for the new Curriculum for Excellence levels 1-4.

Study Resources for Higher Maths: Notes, Practice tests/ prelims and exams

Practice Prelim and Papers on CD Rom. Pegasys Publishing.
Pegasys Publishing

Higher Maths Notes Online

BBC Revision and tests online
BBC Bitesize

Practice Papers for Higher Maths.
Leckie and Leckie

Practice Papers.
Hodder Gibson

BBC Bitesize

BBC has new material for the new Curriculum for Excellence levels one and two. It's called First level BBCbitesize and Second level BBCbitesize

Activities come with printable worksheets.
Level 1: Addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, money calculations and telling the time.
Level 2: Number, money and measurement, Shape position and movement and; Information Handling.

Heinemann textbooks

Heinemann textbooks R1 to R5 cover the key topics of secondary Maths with well-differentiated material suitable for S1 through to S5 (Higher). The new Heinemann Active Learning series of Pupil books for Primary Schools are very colourful and well-presented and enjoyed by younger students. There are accompanying workbooks, Maths games and online materials available too.
Active Learning for the Curriculum for Excellence

Teejay Publications

Teejay Publications have textbooks available for the new Curriculum for Excellence Course in primary and secondary schools at Levels 1 to 3. They also have texts specifically for National 4 and National 5 and Lifeskills Mathematics at

Maths in Action

Maths in Action from Nelson Thornes has a comprehensive range of texts suitable for able secondary pupils from S1 upwards including Higher Maths. The Maths in Action page also provides access to useful Bond practice materials for students wishing to sit entrance exams

Census at School

This is a fun handy crosscurricular resource linked to census data from around the world! World of Statistics/


Julia can provide Maths tuition by Skype

Julia is prepared to teach for GCSE as well as Scottish exams by Skype and can help with setting up Skype. Please feel free to enquire about this new service.

English tuition can by provided by Mary via Skype

Mary is a highly committed and fully qualified teacher who teaches English to a high level. She has worked both in private and state run education in the UK and has taught students of a wide range of nationalities and cultures. In addition to this Mary has worked as a private tutor for children of all ages giving support in English up to A level and Scottish Higher and also general tutoring for younger children. She is based in Sussex, UK and writes poetry. Here is her website so you can see whether she has anything to support you or your family's needs.

Grants from John Watson's Trust

John Watson's Trust awards grants to young people under 21 years old who have a physical or learning disability or are in a situation of deprivation. The grants are awarded for educational purposes to eligible individuals or organisations. See their website for more details.
John Watson's Trust/

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