About Julia Davidson


My private tutoring experience extends more than 3 and a half years and the school levels covered by my students range from Primary 5 to Secondary 6.

Previously I worked as a Research Fellow at Glasgow University in the Faculty of Education on various projects including evaluating the implementation of the new Curriculum for Excellence and a review of learning resources for students with specific learning difficulties, dyslexia.

Beforehand I taught Maths in secondary schools in Edinburgh and Melbourne for nearly nine years covering all levels of secondary school. I am GTCS-registered and have also done some training in specific learning difficulties at Moray House Institute at the University of Edinburgh.

I am a member of Disclosure Scotland's Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG Scheme).

My interests include understanding the diverse thinking processes students use to get to grips with Maths and Numeracy!

I am interested in ways of using Maths to increase focus, reflect and reduce anxiety. Count to 10...and breathe deeply - is a piece of advice for parents and students given in the Guardian:
Maths anxiety: the numbers are mounting

I use Process Orientated Feedback methods (POF) described in the Guardian to encourage students to reflect on their learning journey in Maths.
Education research in brief: feedback in maths

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